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Dreamlog 2016.10.05 Wizards, a cat, a fish, and a would-be rapist maybe - subterranean [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Richard Best

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Dreamlog 2016.10.05 Wizards, a cat, a fish, and a would-be rapist maybe [Oct. 5th, 2016|05:39 pm]
Richard Best

I am the youngest member, Harry-Potter-style-ish, of a group of wizards- 2, 5, 4, or 3, depending on which phase of the events that transpire- looking for the source of a number of odd incidents that have occurred recently in the area.

scene: (actors: 2) My companion (male) and I walk through backyards and alleys, occasionally looking into porch areas or taking stairs up to balconies from which to scan the scene. A remote shot shows, from behind, a figure watching us from the shadows.

scene: (actors: 4?) (introductory details I don't remember well, having to do with gathering, discussing theories, arguments for and against taking action, strategy, etc., and a couple of cats) We are in a vehicle- station wagon?- tailgate, if that's operative term, open- one of our cats is chasing after us (if actually representative of our own cats at home in 'real' life, an amalgam of the two- young and lithe like Pekoe, but with Rascal's orange coloring). It's uncertain whether or ot he actually wants to get in, which takes several tries on my part of reaching out to try to grab him, but- I have no idea how fast we're going but assume at leat 35 in a residential-type area- he has no trouble at least keeping up. When I do have him inside with us, he has something under his chin- a shorn loop from the piece of carpet wrapped around their scratching post?- that does not want to come loose, may be somewhat tangled with his fur, and he doesn't want to cooperate by sitting still while I try to get it.

scene: (actors: 3? -no cat) Without transition or disorientation, the vehicle is now a flying carpet of sorts- rather than cloth, a piece of corrugated tin, if appearances count for anything (i.e., that's what it looks like, but there was no preamble about 'let's take this hunk of tin and make it fly', or other verification that that's what it is). An area that has recently been flooded, much of the water now receded, what is left is frozen in a thin skin over/or including mud. At an intersection I spy an irregularity in or near the gutter that I insist we should have a look at that turns out to be the top half of a child's doll, head missing- not a Barbie, but of similar size and a child or baby rather than a (presumptive) woman. It seems to me, IN THE DREAM, that this is a scene remembered from a book or a movie. Another wizard appears- I am not clear whether or not he was a member of our party earlier. Fluctuating light glows around him like a vaporous membrane or smoke, flowing, expanding here, contracting there. There are stipulations in 'the code' against accessing the power we use in certain ways, and likewise against using it in certain ways- he has violated both, and possibly done worse than that. No battle at this time, this is just a moment for him to boast of his wrongdoing as though it were a good thing.


scene: (actors: me alone, as far as members of party) Walking. A voice in my head like someone reading from a book says (something like), 'The odd thing was the fish in the bend of the river,' and lo, I am walking along maybe not a river but at least a stream, or something like ruts in the mud cut by tires, and there is indeed a sharp curve, shallow at first, with a fish flopping in it on its side, head and tail sticking out at either end and only about an inch or so of its upward-facing side covered when it stops for a moment. I move to try to pick it up and the water deepens out into a small pool with a rock sticking up at the center that I at first am standing on and then end up chasing the fish around. I eventually catch the fish by standing in the pool on one side of the rock and leaning over/around it to grab the fish on the other side.

Someone says something to me, somewhat indistinctly, and I look up and see a young man whom I do not recognize. The pool is suddenly empty of water, no fish, and scene fades in that I am standing in a room or nook, maybe 10-15 feet x 10-15 feet, opening straight out into the hallway, dirt around the 3 inner walls up to about waist level.

He indicates that I should follow him as he walks up the hall, and I do. I get a glimpse into a room accoutred as a den or living room, two of my earlier traveling companions- a man and a woman, both of advanced years- going through motions that indicate that they are absorbed in their own illusionary activities. The woman appears to be dancing with a companion who isn't actually there; the man is on the floor, on one knee, the other leg extended, elbow on the couch behind him, alternately rising as if his upward-reaching hand (left?) is being pulled on by someone to help him up, or out of a hole, twisting slightly at the waist as he goes, and sinking back down again. The young man enters another, smaller, room, and shows me something- a magical thing, a mechanical (electronic?) device?- that allows him to project thoughts and images into other people's minds such that they cannot distinguish them from reality.

He hands me a pencil and tells me to stand in the hallway outside the room, telling me that he is going to close the door, and when he reopens it, he will be a rapist and I must stab him with the pencil. He shuts the door; a remoted shot shows him suddenly bending back at the waist, arching his hips into the air, a sudden huge erection forming and straining at his pants. He opens the door and grabs for me; I push him away, and he falls, his pants fall away or disappear, his erect penis not as large as it appeared to be in the previous shot, but it seems to waver and slowly oscillates between being a penis and being a vagina. I am uncertain what I should do next.
Dream ends.

For all of what I managed to remember and tell, these are the barest details- there is much missing, not only from what I have recorded, but other things that did not come up out of dream with the rest of my recollection.